Case overview

Digital Eterna’s commitment to turning visions into reality is best displayed in our collaboration with goIT, a company that offers exceptional IT and Web services. Our joint venture brought to the fore the power of blending innovation and professionalism in one frame.

We stepped into the project with an objective to elevate goIT’s digital presence. From designing engaging visual elements to developing a robust, user-friendly website, our team ensured a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. We took charge of their branding and design system, implemented web development using WordPress, and assured seamless operation with VPS hosting.

The Brief

goIT approached Digital Eterna with the aim of enhancing their digital footprint. They sought a professional and engaging web presence that reflected their commitment to top-tier IT and Web services. Our task was to create a unique, appealing design, and to develop a reliable, easily navigable website. The challenge was to blend creativity with user-experience in a way that resonated with goIT’s ethos.

Our Approach

At Digital Eterna, we believe in crafting solutions tailored to our client’s needs. With goIT, our initial step was to gain an understanding of their services, target audience, and business goals. Our process was underpinned by a collaborative approach, ensuring that our design and development strategies aligned with their vision. We were meticulous in creating an interface that was both aesthetic and intuitive, thereby ensuring a smooth user experience.

The successful branding strategy was a result of identifying goIT’s core values and articulating them visually. Every design element, from the logo to the layout, contributed to creating a cohesive and impactful brand image.

The Results

Our collaboration with goIT yielded impressive results, significantly enhancing their online visibility and user engagement. The key performance indicators demonstrated the effectiveness of our solutions:


A decrease in the bounce rate by 25.5% implied that more visitors found the site engaging and relevant.


An increase in the average session duration by 11% indicated that users found the website informative and interactive.


A whopping 150% increase in page views illustrated the effectiveness of our user-centric design and development approach.

The successful execution of the goIT project is a testament to Digital Eterna’s expertise in providing comprehensive digital solutions. We’re committed to translating client visions into reality and continue to do so one project at a time.